Campus Bergen

The main campus in Bergen is called Kronstad. It houses about 6000 students and about 600 employees. We also have a smaller campus closer to the city centre called Møllendalsveien.

Campus Kronstad was built in 2014, in and around, six old railway halls. The new building brilliantly integrates the old houses in a new and modern award-winning campus. What used to be an engine workshop has been turned into the largest student cafe in Norway with room for 780 people. The previous carpentry workshop is today a modern library.

We have a bookshop and various outdoor and indoor sports facilities and we have 35 state-of-the art simulation laboratories (SimArena) for education and research within health sciences, sports and engineering.

Campus Møllendalsveien is located between campus Kronstad and the city centre. It takes about 20 minutes walk to get from Kronstad to Møllendalsveien, and another 20 minutes walk to get down town. This campus is smaller, but it still has a library and a cafeteria with a rooftop terrace. This campus houses about 1000 students and about 200 employees.