How to appeal an exam result

Grading and credit system

Justification of grade

You can request for a justification of your grade within one week after the exam results have been published. When examination is oral, claims for justification must be put forward immediately after the grade is announced. The justification should normally be given to you within too weeks upon your request.

If you would like to request for a justification, you must fill in this online form. The form is in Norwegian.

Appeal the exam result

You can challenge the result of all written examinations if you think it's wrong. You cannot submit an appeal against the grades of oral or practical examinations, since the performance is not documented for future purposes. The deadline for appealing an exam result is three weeks after the results have been published, or three weeks after you have received an explanation of your grade.

Within group exams, all participants must sign the appeal.

If you appeal an exam result, the grade will be reset and sent for re-grading by new examiners. Please note that if you appeal an exam result, the new grade might be better, worse or the same as the first grade. The re-graded result is final and you cannot submit an appeal against it.

Complaints about formal exam errors

You can submit a complaint about formal examination errors. Formal errors can occur for instance in the examination question papers, in conducting the examination or during grading.