All on-campus activities cancelled

Please notice that no students or guests are allowed on campus from March 13th to April 17th. There will be no teaching activities at any of our five campuses in an attempt to prevent spreading of the Corona virus. All conferences and events will be cancelled the entire spring semester 2020.

Need someone to talk to?

From 13 March to 17 April, all study and career councelling will be held digitally. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Even though our campuses are closed, you can still reach our student services by phone or e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding you study situation and rights as a student at HVL, please contact the Student Ombudsman.

The Student welfare organisation, Sammen, has created a chatline where you can talk about anything and everything.

Sammen also offers consultations with psychologists and student councellors and other health services.

Teaching activities

From March 13th to April 17th there will be no teaching or student activities on campus. We are working on digital solutions that will make sure that classes will be continued online as far as possible. Updates on classes will be given in Canvas.


There will be no examinations on campus the rest of the spring semester 2020. We are working on digital solutions that will make sure that examinations will be continued online as far as possible. Updates on exams will be given in Studentweb. Should there be changes to the exams on short notice, you will also recieve a personal message about it.

Clinical placements

Students that are here for clinical placements in the Norwegian health system will not be able to complete these. Students in this situation should consider opportunities to return to their home country.


For students who are here on semester studies, we will do our best to provide you the credits and learning outcomes according to your learning agreement.

If you decide to end your exchange and return to your home country, please remember to inform us about this by sending an email to or contact your academic contact person. We also advice you to contact your home institution and ask them for advice and assistance.

As long as the National Institute of Public Health maintains its travel council which avoids travel that is not strictly necessary, no students from HVL will be able to travel to the designated area. See FHI's website for an updated overview of areas with presumed ongoing transmission of coronavirus

Travelling to and from Norway

The Norwegian government has decided that the Norwegian ports and airports are partially closed from March 16. This decision has the largest consequences for foreigners trying to enter Norway in the next month and will not have direct consequences for students that are already here. There will hopefully be flights leaving Norway in this period, and if you decide that you want to leave, there will hopefully be opportunities to do so.

Advice against the spread of virus

We ask students and staff to follow the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's advice against the spread of coronavirus, and updated travel advice. All students and staff are responsible for following the advice of the authorities. HVL follows the situation closely and adheres to the Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their advice and regulations. The Institute of Public Health has prepared a counselor on coronavirus - facts, advice and measures.  

We remind you that good hand hygiene is important in order to prevent transmission of infection. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water. Hand disinfection is a good alternative if hand washing is not possible.

Here you will find more information: