Advanced Nano materials for Clean Energy Applications (ANCEA)

Project owner

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Project period

January 2015 - December 2017

Project summary

Among the clean energy resources, solar energy is the best choice to meet the projected electrical energy demand, but the current cost of solar technologies and their intermittent nature make them hardly competitive on an energy market still dominated by cheap fossil fuels. Both Norway and India have been active in high quality research on solar cell technology, and this project will help motivate students to create new efficient and cost-effective technologies for future clean energy applications.


The main objective of this joint project is to strengthen and expand the existing research collaboration between the partner institutions resulting in close ties in educational activities and increase in student and staff mobility within the field of nanomaterials for clean energy applications.

Project activities:

  • Increased mobility of master students, Ph.D., research fellows and academic staff.
  • Increased joint supervision of Master and Ph.D., students.
  • Develop and teach a joint research-based course 'Computer modeling for nanomaterials'
  • Exchange of knowledge within nanomaterial research for clean energy applications.