Visual Worlds of Education

Association of Visual Pedagogy (AVP) conference at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), in Bergen, June 14-16, 2020

Welcome to AVP Visual Worlds of Education conference


Following the new momentum about visual pedagogy set out by Association of Visual Pedagogy (AVP) since 2016, AVP develops an inter-discinplinary dialogue exploring the relationship between visualisation, digitalisation and pedagogy in multiple global settings to understand our identities in our contemporary world where new technologies have made the visual and moving images ubiquitous in the lives of many. It impacts on all domains of learning, education, being and becoming across the life span.

This event will open the floor to sharing new ideas and innovations on technologies and visualisations in life, culture and education as well as address complexities. The purposes of this conference will be:

  1. to give attention to how visuality shape realities, virtual or not
  2. to give attention to how visuality interacts with sound and music
  3. to inspire as well as problematize the current technological shift in education
  4. to develop new understandings of visual cultures, visual modes of production
  5. to create an event that also will be place for learning, active engagement, networking and knowledge exchange

The conference will gather heads of higher education as well as practitioner in a wide interdisciplinary field of education. We will welcome contributors from Higher education, Educational development, Future focused Education, Education into sustainable futures, teaching innovation, Library services, Educational research and interdisciplinary research in all curriculum areas, artist, film-makers.

AVP provide a Book series at BRILL Publisher called Visual Pedagogies, Methodologies and Educational Research and Video journal called Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy.


  1. Visuals - the new public and the new pupil/child
  2. Visual methodology in educational research – new practices
  3. Opportunities and challenges in online education
  4. Visual representation and fake realities 
  5. Innovation and audiovisual documentation in education
  6. Exploring and experiences in exhibitions, museums and sciences centers in educational contexts 
  7. Virtual realties workshop series 
  8. Visuality and aesthetics experiences in education
  9. Analysis of visual world construction
  10. Gender, gaming, technology and visual media
  11. Sharing visual and multimodal neglected stories