Control Engineering

Semester programme, spring 2020

Control Engineering is a interdisciplinary course combining electrical engineering and computer science. The course provides you with additional qualifications for project work and project administration.

Teaching semester: Spring

The course consists of two units:

Senior Design Project

You will be working in groups of 2 or 3 students on a project to solve a practical or theoretical engineering problem for the industry, or others. A typical project will include: Project planning, budget and cost analysis, literature studies and research, design and construction of prototype (where applicable), verification of results, documentation.

Control Systems

The module focuses on mathematical modeling (differential equations, transfer functions, the laplace transform, state space models) and stability analysis (Ruuths Criterion, Nyquist's stability criterion, the bode diagram, computers in modeling and simulation.) Computers in control systems (Mathlab, Simulink, Labview) is also a part of the module.

Study methods

We have lectures, tutorials and laboratory practice.

The language of instruction is in English.

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