OR6-1005 Strategy

Course description for academic year 2019/2020

Contents and structure

Course content and structure

The course will discuss and focus on the following themes:

  • What is corporate strategy?
  • Vision, business ideas, goals
  • Value creation
  • Competitive Edge
  • Competition and collaboration
  • Internal environment analysis
  • External environment analysis
  • Choice of strategy
  • Implementation of strategy
  • Internationalization strategies

Learning Outcome

Learning outcomes


On completion of the course, the students should be able to:

¿ gain knowledge of generic strategies

¿ gain knowledge of strategic processes from a management perspective

¿ gain knowledge of corporate social responsibility and ethics



Upon completion, the students should be able to:

¿ use key strategic tools, and consequently be able to make and reflect upon informed analyses and choices

¿ Implement strategic analyses for corporate entities with focus on environmental issues, market factors, and companies' internal resources.


General competency:

Upon completion, the students should be able to:

¿ understand how strategies can help achieve goals of value creation, efficiency and profitability

¿ carry out strategic market and resource analyses

¿ understand the theories underlying the strategic Tools

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching methods

Teaching and learning:

In-class lectures, and seminars/problem solving in groups. The course focuses on learning through student activities, and working with practical problems through cases and problem solving at seminar sessions.

Course requirements

One written assignment to be solved in groups of up to four students. The assignment must be passed in order to appear in the final exam. One approved assignment (arbeidskrav) is valid for the three consecutive semesters.


Written, individual examination, 4 hours. Letter grade

Examination support material


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Course reductions

  • ØAO016 (1) - Strategy and Business Development - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • ØKB2123 (1) - Corporate Strategy - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • OR6-1002 (1) - Strategy and Management - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints
  • OR6-202 (1) - Business Strategy - Reduction: 7.5 studypoints