ENG3-1017 Didactics 2

Course description for academic year 2021/2022

Contents and structure

Didactics 2 continues the introduction to central perspectives and theories in English subject didactics. 

Learning Outcome


The candidate 

  • has knowledge of multilingualism as a resource in the classroom 
  • has knowledge about central teaching theories and methods
  • has knowledge about intercultural competence
  • has knowledge about how to use midway and final assessment to guide pupils in English tuition


The candidate

  • is aware of and able to develop their role as a good language model
  • is capable of planning and carrying out English teaching in accordance with the curriculum and central documents and guidelines
  • is capable of assessing, varying and differentiating his/her teaching practice using a wide variety of teaching resources, including digital resources
  • is capable of discussing and using didactic theory in planning and evaluating teaching

General competence

The candidate

  • is capable of using English orally and in writing, confidently and independently, appropriately for the target group
  • is capable of working independently and together with others on facilitating pupils’ learning and development
  • is capable of reflecting on his/her own learning and teaching practice in light of fundamental ethical values and the school’s responsibility for the personal growth of children and young people
  • is capable of maintaining and developing his/her own linguistic and didactic competence​

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Didactics 1 (5 credits) or equivalent.

Teaching methods

Teaching consists of lectures and seminars in combination with discussions, group work, and individual activities. The course may include some digital teaching in addition to on-campus meetings. Students will gain experience with methods that can be used in the English classroom. The course requires systematic work with exercises and active participation in class, and attendance is therefore compulsory. 



The student is to undergo a compulsory teaching practice in groups or individually. The period consists of approximately 8-12 hours of teaching and 4 hours of guidance by the practice teacher, over a period of two weeks. A practice report is a compulsory, individual work requirement. In addition, the student must hand in their practice assessment form. 

Course requirements

  • Practice approved 
  • Practice report 
  • Compulsory attendance 


Oral exam.

Grading A-F.

Examination support material


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