The Arts and Education 2017: Integration or Separation?

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Når:25. oktober   12:00
Varer til: 27. oktober 13:00

The Arts and Education 2017 event is an interactive international seminar organized byKulturtanken - Arts for Young Audiences Norway and the DiSko project, CASE center. International keynotes and clinicians are Eric Booth, US, the founder of the Teaching Artist movement, professor Gert Biesta, UK, and professor Liora Bresler, US.

The seminar invites practitioners and scholars interested in participatory arts, arts partnerships, and arts education to take part in an intensive three-day seminar. The seminar will be in English. The program will consist of presentations on philosophical issues as well as discussions, workshops, interaction of different kinds and a social programme. Participants will be offered space for project presentations in an interactive poster session.

The research practices in the DiSko project raise a number of basic and philosophical questions:

What does it mean to be an artist in a school setting? What is the role of participatory arts in education, and how should education approach the arts in a globalized and digital age? How can a meaningful dialogue between the worlds of arts and education be explored, researched and developed?

Poster registration

The deadline for registration of a poster abstracts is 1st of October. The abstract should contain maximum 150 words. The poster session is scheduled to the 25th of October from 1630 to 1800.

Poster presentations will mainly be paper (A2) on poster boards, but if you want to present in another format, please give a detailed description when you register your poster.

The Poster presentation will be interactive and authors should prepare for a short oral discussion of their work with researchers within their field.

Posters in english and norwegian will be both be accepted

The seminar is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Download the full seminar program

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