Conference: Multiculturalism and Education

UND 161 (Store Auditorium), campus Stord
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Når:22. november   10:00
Varer til: 16:00


10:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor Joanne Hughes, Queens University, Belfast: “Sharing Education as a model of multi-cultural education: Lessons from Northern Ireland”

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Professor Bodil Ravneberg, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL): “Integration and Network Building in Multicultural Local Communities”

13:30 Coffee Break

13:45 Associate Professor Camilla Eline Andersen, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences: “Towards other durations: Bergson’s method of intuition as affirmative critique with strange race-happenings”

14:45 Coffee Break

15:00 Associate Professor Frédérique Brossard Børhaug, NLA University College: “Questioning the purpose of inclusion in terms of valuable choices for the ethical subject in our multicultural society”

16:00 End

Host: Research Group on Diversity and Inclusion

Key questions for Research Group on Diversity and Inclusion are how kindergartens and schools can facilitate individual needs without simultaneously segregate and stigmatize, and how kindergartens and schools can develop a working community without simultaneously ignore individual differences.

The research field “Diversity and Inclusion” is constantly evolving, both nationally and internationally, and it is linked to central institutions and political documents in education policy. The research field comprises several academic traditions and research fields, such as special education, multiculturalism, gender and ethnicity, and socio-economic and socio-cultural differences.

Research group members have experience and qualifications in all these academic traditions and research fields. Our main objective is to assist kindergartens and schools in the region with research-based skills through seminars and lectures and through other forms of cooperation, based on identified needs.