Healthy Ageing and Rehabilitation


This innovative, online learning programme focuses on interprofessional issues related to healthy ageing and rehabilitation. 

his study is international and the language of instructions is English, therefore the following information will be given in English. Norwegian applicants can apply for this master degree by 15. april 2022. 

You will get the knowledge and skills necessary for healthy ageing and rehabilitation practice, research and policy development from a global and interprofessional perspective. Upon completion you will be a competent scholar capable of leadership and interprofessional practice in the field.

You will learn about:

  • Globally relevant theories, practices and research in the field of healthy ageing and rehabilitation
  • Critical approaches to challenges of healthy ageing and rehabilitation locally, nationally and globally with reference to socio-cultural, economic and political contexts
  • How to collaborate in interprofessional and intersectoral teams and with various stakeholders in the field of healthy ageing and rehabilitation
  • How to use innovation, technology, and leadership in rehabilitation for shaping services and policies to address capabilities and well-being in everyday life for ageing populations globally
  • How to conduct research and use of evidence in policy and service development
  • How to direct focus to health promoting and reabling measures, ranging from older adults’ functioning and their living conditions, to the environmental contexts.

Content and structure

The programme is a cohort-based, two-year, full-time programme (120 ECTS) in English. To earn the degree, you are required to take six courses (for the total of 80 ECTS) and complete a master`s thesis (40 ECTS). The programme is fully online with a two-weeks mandatory hybrid session in each year. During the hybrid session students who can travel to Bergen participate in person on campus, while students who can`t travel to Bergen participate online.

The study is flexible and most of the time the students work on their own. There is however, a weekly two hours online, synchronous session for all students.

Programme structure and content.

This programme prepares you for positions in:

  • International, governmental and non-governmental organisations with relevance for ageing and rehabilitation
  • Management, policy, advocacy and practice work with older adults
  • Leadership positions within education, rehabilitation or health and social sector

Further studies

The master's programme also qualifies you for entering PhD-studies and a research career.

Student exchange

There will be possibilities for student exchange at semester 2 and 3.

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