Campus Bergen

Strategic R&D activities are organized in programmes to promote high quality research in priority research areas. The centres act as driving forces in the development of the broader research programs. They also promote research-based education in all of the study programs offered at campus Bergen.

An important purpose of our research is to further develop and improve professional conduct, tasks and procedures which are relevant for our professional study programs. Our research includes studies of innovation, didactic practice and generation of new knowledge, and how implementation of new knowledge is handled by the professions.

Campus Sogndal and Førde

At campus Sogndal and Førde we focus on applied research that delivers value back to the community. We believe that our main strength is our ability to co-operate with the surrounding environment, with kindergartens, regional hospitals and municipalities.

Our research includes studies of physical activity, didactics, local-level management within the public sector, environmental science, health and co-operation, innovation and management within the public sector.

Campus Stord and Haugesund

Project portfolio in Stord and Haugesund