How to apply for admission to the PhD programme

You apply for admission to the PhD programme at HVL by filling in and submitting the application for admission. To have your application processed, you must remember to attach all the required documents:

  • Academic transcripts documenting your formal qualifications (masters degree or equivalent)
  • Short summary of master dissertation
  • Recommendation letter from main supervisor
  • Project proposal; refer to the relevant PhD programme and specified requirements, page numbers when applicable, etc.
  • Confirmation of finances for the PhD programme (e.g. appointment as a salaried research fellow)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Confirmation of exam results in courses/topics that are applied for as part of the training component of the programme
  • Documentation of any other relevant education or work experience

For assistance in filling out the application form, please see our guide for filling out the application form for PhD programmes at HVL. See also your PhD programme’s website for programme-specific requirements of the project proposal and attachments.