Diana Paola Piedra Moreno

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Discourses on ICT and Modeling in Norwegian 1-7 mathematics teacher education

This Ph.D. research is being developed in connection to the project Learning about Teaching Argumentation for Critical Mathematics Education (LATACME) at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The aim of LATACME is to gain insights into what promotes or inhibits preservice teachers (PTs) in learning to teach argumentation for Critical Mathematics Education in grades 1-7 with linguistically diverse students. In order to gain some of those insights, it is plausible to research the production of pedagogical discourses where that learning takes place; this becomes the primary objective of my Ph.D. In this direction, I assume that teacher education is linked to the Norwegian public discourse and is a place where the production of discourses and identities takes place. I plan to use Bernstein’s notion of the pedagogic device (Singh, 2002) as a theoretical foundation to understand and build criteria to analyze how knowledge (intellectual, practical, expressive, official, and local) is translated into pedagogic communication (classroom talk, curricula, and class assignments). As a methodological approach, I intend to use Critical Discourse Analysis to analyze and compare different discourses on mathematics teacher education to see which discourses we are producing at our institution and how they are in movement and constant configuration as interconnected agents of the network of mathematics education practices (Valero, 2009).

The sources of discourses in which I am interested are:

  • Norwegian public guidelines for teacher education.
  • The formulation of mandatory assignments and course syllabi for MGBMA101/201 made by HVL teacher educators (TEs)
  • The written mandatory assignments for MGBMA101/201 made by HVL preservice teachers (PTs)
  • Oral conversations with PTs. They could take place during practicum, teacher supervision, or after taking the courses.

Current research questions:

  1. How are Norwegian public guidelines for teacher education distributed into the mathematics teacher education for grades 1-7 at HVL?
  2. How does the formulation of mandatory assignments in teacher education recontextualize the HVL teacher education policies?
  3. What are the similarities and discrepancies between PTs' discourses on ICT and mathematical modeling?

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